Notarized copy of government issued documents

In NY State notary public cannot perform copy certifications of any document - neither publicly recorded nor private.

If you need a certified copy of any of publicly recorded documents like:

  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates; 
  • Certificates of citizenship or naturalization; 
  • Documents filed in a court proceeding; 
  • any form of ID (passport, driver license);
  • Documents recorded by the Clerk of the Court; 
  • Public records maintained in government offices; 
  • Student records (transcripts, etc.) kept in public education offices; 
  • Already filed federal or state income tax forms; 

- you  may only obtain it from the custodian of records. 

In case of NYC vital records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates or death certificates certified copies would have to be obtained from the NYC Health Department (birth and death records) or the NYC Marriage Bureau (marriage records).