What is an acknowledgement?

It is a notarial act in which a Notary certifies having positively identified a document signer who personally appeared before the Notary and admitted having signed the document freely. Shows that acknowledging party appeared personally before the officer (e.g.  Notary Public) taking the acknowledgement. Identifies acknowledging party by name corresponding to acknowledge document. Signed by officer's taking acknowledgment.   Sealed with officer's official seal (if applicable).A: Proves document - signature's authenticity. Essential elements of the Certificate of Acknowledgement:Entitles document to be accepted for filing and recording. In order for a notary to issue acknowledgement, it is not necessary for the document to be signed in his or her presence. However, the signer must still appear before the notary at the time of the acknowledgement to swear he or she freely signed for the purposes stated in the document under his or her own will. Some services, such as jurats, require the document actually be signed in the notary’s presence.  A jurat requires the wording “subscribed and sworn to” on the document just above where the Notary Public signs his or her name.